Marketing the way you do it

Objectives - measurable outcome in a company

To decrease the spending of an average consumer on groceries and retail by at least 10% from their previous year.

Goals - what we hope to achieve

For the average consumer to be able to take 10% of how much was spent on groceries and retail from the previous year and to put it in savings or some form of account in which returns could be achieved (GICs, Bonds, etc.).

Audience - for whom it is intended

Interview individuals who are walking into grocery stores and ask them how much they plan on spending, and then on their way out ask them how much they actually spent and ask why there was a significant increase if any.

Key Message
  • That there are significant increases in how much a consumer wants to spend at the grocery store and how much they actually spend
  • The tactics and strategies used by grocery stores to cause this increase are in fact universal and used by all
  • The willingness of a consumer to spend more than they need to is exploited by retail chains
  • The appearance of a "want" being a "need" because of it's location in the store (ie. candy bars at the check out)

Strategy - bigger idea of what we are going to do

The big picture for our campaign is to change the way grocery stores manipulate it's consumers and how they lead to unnecessary spending which in turns leads to less savings for economic downturns such as the one the world economy is going through now. It may not seem as though savings from grocery and retail purchases could solve recessions, but if the annual savings are added up for a 2-3 year period, then when a recession in fact occurs, than those savings can be used to prolong the survival on basic necessities.

Tactics - how we are going to do it

Each target group will have it's own means of being reached as outlined above in our Communication Strategy. We also hope to interview grocery store managers and see what they have to say about how their business operates. There are also sources that explain these tactics that are used and we hope to research them to have a better understanding of how grocery and retail stores work and how they increase their revenues.

Measurement - specific numerical figures (i.e. increasing sales at a certain percent)

Increase the savings of the average consumer by 10% from their previous year spending.