Communication Strategy

What am I trying to achieve with this?

To raise awareness about the issue concerning impulse buying amongst consumers and the techniques incorporated by retail and grocery stores such as Wal-Mart, Loblaws,No Frills and others, that lead to an increase in consumer spending.

What is my message?

The techniques and subtle tactics such as the location/layout of a product within a store, promotes unnecessary purchases.

Who I'm trying to target message to (be specific)

In regards to grocery stores, our message will be constructed towards parents as they are the main consumers at these locations.
In regards to retail chains, our message will be constructed towards younger consumers between the ages of 18-30.

What is my audience/target demographic?

Because of the scope of our topic and our focus on grocery and retail stores, our audience/target demographic encompasses nearly all consumer age groups.

What media is the best way to reach them?

In terms of grocery stores, print media may be the best way to reach our audience. As many people go through flyers before they go grocery shopping, perhaps a brochure or pamphlet which accompanies these flyers would be the best way to get the message out there.

In terms of retail stores, a more commercialized approach would need to be taken. Perhaps by advertising on buses as many teenagers use this means of transportation to get to malls and retail stores would be the best way to target them.

What messages I am putting out?

"Failing to be informed about the subtle techniques utilized by commercial establishments leads to purchasers being convinced that they want more than they need and increasing their purchases to unnecessary levels"

What change am I trying to bring out?

Our attempts are to change the way customers shop and to bring out a shift in consumer spending habits.

What are the influences I want to bring?

To influence the public in their monetary decisions and to be well-aware about financial impositions in daily/long term spending.